Our Partners

Taking into consideration the magnitude of the challenges we face, BleekerFoundation is hoping to synergise with existing organizations both in Cameroon and abroad to combat and eradicate teenage pregnancy and support teenage mothers. This will enable BleekerFoundation to gain more grounds and increase its efficiency.

RHIBMS (Redemption Higher Institute of Biomedical and Management Sciences) in Cameroon

RHIBMS is a very prestigious educational institute with a strong sense of responsibility for the Cameroonian people. Together we hope to achieve our goals. RHIBMS has also been a very generous sponsor to BleekerFoundation as well. To learn more about RHIBMS visit their website: www.rhicam.com.

Our Sponsors

To our sponsors, many thanks to your sponsorship. Because of you we have been able to come this far. For those looking to become sponsors, we are thankful for your initiative. Please call us or send an email.

Scholarships: the Redemption Higher Institute of Biomedical and Management Sciences Cameroon (RHIBMS) has offered 10 full scholarships to teenage mothers who are willing to become state registered nurses. This Scholarship program covers tuition, books, uniforms and all necessary study materials. This is an equivalent of about EUR 6000 per year. The time needed for the nursing program varies between two and four years.

Soroptimist Club Hoorn

Soroptimist Club Hoorn joins BleekerFoundation to fight teenage pregnancy in Cameroon and Sub Saharan Africa as a whole.

Soroptimist International is a global volunteer movement working together to transform the lives of women and girls. Its network of around 80,000 club members in 132 countries and territories works at a local, national and international level to educate, empower and enable opportunities for women and girls.

In the Netherlands, Club Hoorn is one of the active sponsors of BleekerFoundation. With the help of the Soroptimist Club Hoorn and our partner RHIBMS in Cameroon, BleekerFoundation was able to set up a scholarship for teenage mothers in Cameroon. To know more about de Soroptimist visit www.soroptimiste.nl  to know more about Club Hoorn visit www.vrouwalert.nl