Taking into consideration the magnitude of this challenge, we recognise that the burden of teenage pregnancy prevention and teenage mothers support cannot be shouldered by the government alone. It is the responsibility of all the Cameroonian people.

If teenage pregnancy prevention initiatives are to have a permanent and significant impact, we must address the individual causes concurrently (e.g. lack of sex education at home and at schools, low self-esteem amongst young girls, social norms that disempower girls and women, tolerance to sexual relationships between older men and teens and tolerance to abusive sexual relationships. Please read our complete action plan on this subject.

Our approach restores a sense of power and autonomy to existing teenage mothers, through educational, social, and economic empowerment. We believe in them and we teach them to believe in their self-worth. We refer existing teenage mother to strong role models like our founder and president who after becoming pregnant at age 17 against all odds is a strong dynamic and effectual woman today.

Further reading: BleekerFoundation Action Plan